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Online advertising spends are growing the world over. Some of the main recognised mediums of online advertising are Search Engine Marketing (PPC & SEO), Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Affiliate Advertising.

Search Marketing accounts for more than 50% of Online Marketing globally. Also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) it includes PPC (Pay Per Click) & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is a long-term strategy that involves a range of activities including on-site changes as well as offsite link submissions & content writing, press releases etc. In executing an SEO project for a site, there is a natural time lag of 1 - 4 months before first-stage results are seen. Second-stage gains only manifest themselves after a year or so. SEO implemented well, will over a period of time begin to bring great gains to a business.

On the other hand PPC which is much faster to set up & execute, serves as the proverbial shot in the arm, to be especially leveraged at times when advertisers want to step up their online promotion efforts instantly & by more than a few notches, for instance- at product launches, peak seasons, during certain offers they want to promote etc.

Instant Set-Up & Launch

Launching a PPC campaign on GoogleTM or any other SE doesn’t take more than a few hours in which time advertisers will see impressions, traffic, conversions happening on their websites. Pitch that versus traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers, TV, radio etc & you will see how PPC wins hands down on time investment. There is virtually no time lag between conception & execution if the advertiser’s objectives are clear.

An Effective “Pull” Marketing Technique

Another area where PPC scores over traditional & the other forms of online media is cost involved (as the name suggests advertisers “pay per click” i.e. when a user has searched for their product, read their promotion message & felt excited enough about it to click on it & find out more on the website). Compare this with traditional media where advertisers pay for a fixed time slot, space etc, not knowing whether the eyeballs captured during these are even relevant, leave alone “interested”.

Every Buck Accounted For

Arguably the best advantage PPC offers over conventional media is that efforts & results are 100% traceable & connected with each other. Simply put, spend on every keyword is tracked as is the number of conversions/sales coming out of it. There is no ambiguity about performance, thus making it possible to “optimise” Search Campaigns which is scarcely possible in conventional media where the sales/traffic cannot be clearly attributed to any marketing initiative.

Works in Tandem with Other Media to Amplify Results

Typically, a user will interact with an advertiser’s promotion message on more than one medium before he/she decides to endorse it. Let us demonstrate with an example, to begin with a user sees a banner on a portal but does not interact. Later in the day or perhaps a few days later he/she receives an e-mailer with the same promotion & clicks on it to read more or research the offer. He may now take time to evaluate competitor offers. If he/she comes to the conclusion your offer is the best, the user will actively search for your company/product, click on your PPC ad promoting the same offer and then possibly make a purchase.

Thus there is wisdom in timing the launch of your PPC campaign with a product launch on traditional media/other online media, as there is data to support that coordinated timing of cross-media campaigns result in higher overall conversion rates.

  • GoogleTM research states that if running a media campaign, starting a search campaign will increase conversion rates by up to 200%
  • Similarly if running a search campaign, starting a media campaign will increase click throughs by up to 20%

What Advertisers Should Expect from their PPC Investments

Generally, the ROI advertisers get out of a PPC campaign compared to their investment is of the order of 2:1 or 3:1, i.e. advertisers should expect an average of $2,500 worth of business for an outlay of $1,000. If you are getting anything less than this, your campaign is probably not being managed at optimum levels.

The Need for a Specialist

While the benefits & worldwide recognition of PPC are undisputed, the expertise involved in running a smart PPC campaign involves a thorough understanding of the advertiser’s objectives, the market potential, the competitor landscape, technical tricks and techniques typical to different search engines & finally tremendous skill with analytics.

Many advertisers are tempted to begin a program on their own as most PPC programs are based on a self-serve platform and are payable for by credit card.  However, too many advertisers fail in the endeavour to garner the best possible ROI for their investment from this medium due to lack of time for education, research & analysis which are key in maintaining an efficient campaign. This is where a specialist can help.

Why Pensa Media

With the volume & scope of PPC projects handled by our PPC experts, we can almost guarantee the best results for advertisers’ investments. We have handled a wide range of projects from campaigns for small start-ups to large, globally recognized brands. We’ve promoted advertisers from a wide range of industry backgrounds – education, pharmaceuticals & more – both international & domestic.

With experience in delivering across a range of advertiser-defined, success parameters ranging from quality traffic, website engagement, registrations, business leads & online sales, we are confident that we can help advertisers no matter what their objective is.

Possibly the best advantage Pensa Media offers is that GoogleTM has duly scrutinized our PPC Operations & has recognized us as a GoogleTM Certified Partner. So our clients can rest assured that they have the best talent using the best industry practices working on their PPC advertising program.

PPC Management India

Worldwide Validation of Search Marketing
Forrester research has released a recent report hammering home the inevitable future of online advertising.

The report estimates a massive growth in the contribution of digital advertising to overall advertising spends. From 15% or $25 billion in 2009 to 21% or $55 billion in 2014.i.e.a staggering 17% jump.

SEM (PPC+SEO) that has doubled in the past 5 years will continue to be the primary contributor to online marketing with more than a 50% share in any given year.

Source: e-Marketer 2009

Global Estimates for Online Ad Spends:

Global online Ad spend in 2009: $55.2 billion

  • Global online Ad spend forecast for 2011: $68.7 billion
  • Global online Ad spend forecast for 2014: $96.8 billion

A Winning Proposition Even in the Times of Financial Uncertainty!

Amidst, the horror stories of the recession in the US, two Search Management Platform providers in the US - Efficient Frontier and SearchIgnite, reported significant increases in advertiser investment in search marketing and Pay-Per-Click Management from Q4 2010 vs. Q4 2009. Efficient Frontier claims a 23% increase in client spend while SearchIgnite boasts an even higher 33% increase. ( The State of Search)

This growth indicates that merchants see the wisdom in investing in trackable, ROI focussed Search Campaigns to grow their business even in the face of financial instability. 


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